Must Read! Top DJI Spark Questions Answered!

DJI Spark is the newest addition to the DJI family, and is undoubtedly the smallest and most affordable of the lot. And in spite of that, it’s packed with tons of tech features and premium benefits. You can fly this drone with the help of your phone or tablet. What’s more? It works really well in the real world. And the best part? Setting up and flying the Spark is a cinch. You can be literally set it up and flying in as less as 30 seconds.

DJI Spark may be the most powerful mini drone you ever come across. It’s basically the newest resident in D-town that features all of DJI’s signature technologies, but at a fraction of the price. It’s perfect for beginners who are seeking to take their first step in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) world. So, if you are keen on purchasing a game-changing drone, then there’s no second thought that you should go for the DJI spark fly more combo. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions rank number one as distributor of DJI drones all over Australia. They have over five years of experience in this industry, and are your go-to website for all your UAV needs.

1. Frequently Asked questions about the DJI Spark

The DJI spark is becoming quite popular owing to its great performance and price point. This DJI drone is a must buy if you are a drone enthusiast. You can get hands either on the drone alone or in a combo having various accessories. Flying the Spark gives you a truly unique experience as this drone gives you an overall top-notch flying experience and stability.

2. How to control: Controlling the DJI Spark is one of the easiest and most convenient things ever. You just need to download the DJI app and you will be able to control it with your mobile or tablet. And of course, there’s the option of using a remote controller too.

3. How to activate: The first way to activate your drone is to download the app on your phone and follow the instructions mentioned there. The second way is by using your phone camera to scan the QR code on the drone’s battery compartment.

4. Which intelligent modes: It’s also a very probable question coming from the customers — what the newer intelligent flying modes are there in this drone. Well, this drone has quite a lot, like ‘Tapfly’, coordinate and direction, quick shot, Gesture, palm control, circle and helix shots etc.

5. Which camera features: People are also curious to know what the new functions the Spark camera possesses. Well, Spark flaunts features like ‘Shallowfocus’ that basically allows you to capture photos which has a shallow depth of field. This is due to its 3D vision technology.

6. Which pano modes: Spark has both the vertical and horizontal panorama modes which are total bonus. The vertical mode allows you to capture 3 vertical photos and then combine them. The horizontal mode allows you to click up to 9 photos, all at different angles, and then combine them.

7. How to charge: Use the USB cable that comes with the drone to charge it. Please ensure that during the charging process, the battery isn’t removed from the drone. And in case of charging simultaneous batteries, remove the batteries and use the Charging Hub to get all of them charged up.

8. Which mobile size fits: You might be wondering what the mobile device sizes are that fits inside the Spark’s remote controller. Well, it fits devices which have a thickness of 6.5 to 8.5 mm and up to a length of 160 mm. And this is without the phone cover. Devices which are larger will not fit in the device holder. 

To close out this discussion, we may conclude that the Spark is a great drone, considering all the factors. It’s of premium quality, has the best of features, super affordable AND comes packed in a perfectly portable form. So, bring home this drone today and let it ‘spark’ your creativity and UAV skills.

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